Historical brands of national interest

DECREE February 27, 2020 (OJ n.92 of 7-4-2020) Application for registration in the special register of historical brands of national interest.   From 16 April 2020, it is possible to provide with the application for registration in the special register of historic brands of national interest, an application that can be submitted to the Italian…

New asset

We are pleased to inform all, about the last entry into our board, from May, of Chiara Spagnolo, an italian attorney with a great professional experience in the world of i.p. matters.

Brexit outgoing

Community trademark As the majority of citizens of the United Kingdom is known in the referendum held June 23, 2016 gave a positive opinion at the exit of its European Union country. Despite the outcome of the referendum, the United Kingdom will continue to join the European Union until the negotiations about modalities of withdrawal from…

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