D'Agostini Group


Active consultancy in the field of Intellectual Property. Essential in the most advanced and active industrial areas. In Italy.
In Europe. And beyond. In the traditional sectors and in the modern ones.

• Invention patents and utility models in Italy and abroad
(they safeguard the functional aspects of an invention or of a manufacturing process)
We provide for the drafting and the registration of the related applications, for the payment of the annual fees (the taxes for the keeping in force) and for all the other steps to reach the concession (e.g the answers to the observations made by the Public Administration during the application phase, the tax integration).

• Trademarks
(they safeguard a name, a denomination, a symbol, smells, tastes and sounds)
We take care of the application drafting and follow the procedure till the registering.

• Industrial designs
(they protect the typically decorative and aesthetic aspects of a manufactured product)
We take care of the application drafting and of the preparation of the material needed for their registering, as well as of the fees payment and of all those responsibilities that have to be taken on in order to reach the registration.

• Copyright and domain names
The instruments at our disposal enable us to opportunely and fully provide for the applications for the registering of the rights coming from intellectual properties, such as softwares or unpublished works.


Each team works in close contact with the client, to whom we offer a special professional structure. Constant reference for each development of the product.

• Search, modification and update activities
It is the core of our activity. It consists in verifying, mainly through IT instruments, all those information and documents that can hamper the registering and the free benefit of the exclusive right title.
In this regard, our quickness of research is particularly appreciated: we are indeed able to complete it within 24 hours from the appointment.
Dealing with patents, models and trademarks, there might be the need to modify or, once they have been registered, update the information they contain. In this case we provide for the registration (when transferring goods, even only partial ones), or for the notes (less important changes, as in the case of a new head office or of a new company title).

• Feasibility and protection studies
Feasibility studies should be carried out before presenting the application for patents, models and trademarks. It is linked to the results of the research made, and takes into consideration the state of the art that can be obtained from the analysis of pre-existing documents, thought to be important. Its objective is to reach the most possibly objective definition of protective framework.

• Real-time consultancy

• Supervision and monitoring
Supervision is one of the best techniques to prevent patent infringements and trademark dilutions. It consists in a daily control of all the distinctive trademarks that are registered and that can enter into conflict with the acquired trademark rights.
Monitoring is as valid as supervision, since it enables us to know in advance the technological progress made by the competitors.


Complete assistance in the drawing up of contracts; wide-ranging intervention in the judicial, civil, penal, and extrajudicial activities.
Our group includes, among its personnel, several lawyers who are specialized in the intellectual property field. In harness with the technical specialists we prepare the defence of our clients’ rights and we arrange the contracts of assignment and transfer of rights derived from patents, models and trademarks. We also reply to the remarks and objections raised by the Public Administration.
All this is carried out indistinctly all over the world.

• Legal protection of patents, designs, trademarks, copyright and domain names

• Legal assistance in case of infringement and lawsuit

• Partial technical consultancy
We assist our clients in the procedure related to the public technical consultancy.

• Technical consultancy in court
We confirm under oath our technical evaluations on the validity of patents, models and trademarks. We also carry out reports and accounting analyses aimed at reaching the revaluation of non-material goods.


High-quality teams ensure Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyright in their development and enhancement.
Our range of services takes care of all their administrative, legal, industrial and trade aspects. And beyond.

• Fast check of the project status

• Search for solutions in progress

• Expansion: assistance for enhancement

• Membership and partnership: wide-ranging and continuous assistance


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