Innovation funds

It ‘also start the line patents, € 300 million for access to credit. Patents and designs

The Ministry, through the fund, provides a guarantee that will facilitate the granting of loans by banks selected to approximately 300 million euro, facilitating access to credit for businesses and reducing the cost of financing.

Loans may be granted up to a maximum amount of € 3 million, with a maturity of up to 10 years and no guarantee will be requested in person or enterprise. Mediocredito Italian group Intesa Sanpaolo, UniCredit and Deutsche Bank are the banks that implement this important initiative by providing the industrial system their skills on a particularly
important for the development and growth of the Italian economy.

For information companies can refer to the sections on National Innovation Fund of websites Mediocredito Italian (Section Research and Innovation) Unicredit and Deutsche Bank are also indicated where the information points specially created by the three banks throughout the country and where you can get more information for the submission of applications for funding.

For more information:
Unicredit: toll-free number 800 17805

Mediocredito Italian: toll-free number 800 530701

Deutsche Bank: toll-free number 800123712

D'Agostini Group | P.Iva 03612400261