Funds for innovations

Operating since November 2, 2011 the new government incentives for patenting.

Operating since November 2, 2011 the new government incentives for patenting, and the economic exploitation of patents. The measure, called the Patent +, was launched by the Ministry of Economic Development as part of “package innovation” and is managed by Invitalia.

With our cash of 30.5 million euros, the new tool supports micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating throughout the country who wish to pursue a strategy of growth through the enhancement of its own securities. There are no rankings, incentives are provided in accordance with the “one-stop” and in chronological order.

The goal is to meet the growing needs of Italian companies to use the patent as a form of protection for their activities and as a factor in competitiveness on domestic and international markets. The incentives offer real support to companies wishing to address the economic crisis being so active, focusing on innovation.

The benefits are twofold:

Prizes for the patent, to increase the number of national patent applications and the extension of national patents abroad. Each firm can accumulate up to 30,000 euros of “prizes” to support the activities of a patent.

Incentives for the economic value of patents, to enhance the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized businesses through the economic exploitation of industrial property rights in terms of profitability, productivity and market development. The concessions are for the purchase of specialist services for the introduction of the patent within the production cycle or its market value (industrialization and engineering, organization and development, technology transfer). There is a capital grant worth up to EUR 70,000.

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