Design incentives

The measure wants to alert companies to use registration of new designs, as a strategy to protect innovation through design created to achieve greater competitiveness in the markets.

It ‘a tool that the Ministry of Economic Development – Italian Patent and Trademark Office.
The program is divided into two lines of action:
• Measure A – Premiums for filing national, EU and international applications for registration of industrial designs
• Measure B – Incentives for the development of economic models and designs.
May apply for premium companies, from January 1, 2011, filed an application for registration of industrial designs or models in Italy and / or abroad.
Incentives can also apply for micro and SMEs wishing to carry out a project aimed at the economic exploitation of a model / industrial design for which has been filed an application for registration (even prior to 1 January 2011).
Alternatively, the project will include economic exploitation of a design / build model from scratch.

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